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Don’t hurt nature

Don’t seize nature’s cheer
See heartily it’s falling tear
Don’t said plight by cut tree
Don’t misgain even if you are free
Pollution will make hard your life
Suffocation will cut you like a knife
Nature is the base of our life
Destroy if it to be grave in your life
Nature cradle us like mother
As it cares see no other
Nature gives us fresh atmosphere
So save nature and firm your cheer
That is sure the ‘ trees are green gold’
‘Ishupriy’ says you proverb that old.

Ankit Sharma ‘Ishupriy’
Rampur kalan, Sabalgarh, Morena(M.P.)
📱 – 9516113124

कार्य- अध्ययन (स्नातकोत्तर) पता- रामपुर कलाँ,सबलगढ, जिला- मुरैना(म.प्र.)/ पिनकोड-476229 मो-08827040078
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