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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal ”

The days have gone by when we used to make our friends. The friendship was based on certain principles. Probably they might be in the same-aged group. They preferred the same mutual understanding. The similarity of thinking and thought was considered. They cooperated and helped each other always, Their meetings in leisure generated immense pleasure among them.
They exchanged their views, conducted group discussions, and enjoyed the extracurricular activities. Even they maintained the secrecy. Our hearts were deserted when we missed them.

The fragrance of this type of friendship is not diminished in this era of DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP. But we can’t deny that this small device has changed the definition of FRIENDSHIP. It is called DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP which has demolished the old principle of FRIENDSHIP.

” IT IS EASY TO MAKE THEM BUT DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN LONG”. Once our arms are extended many friends join Facebook. We make the battalions of Friends but it is very important to keep them alive forever.

We are much fortunate to have SENIORS, CONTEMPORARY & YOUNG on Facebook. Seniors are always respected. We should not consider them our friends. We should regard even to our contemporary and youth. Communication and connectivity must be continued among everyone on Facebook.

It is a wrong gesture to invite anyone to join in any group as one never got connected with them since one becomes Facebook Friends. And last not least sending PHOTO COMMENT is not always accepted where there is a need to write something. We don’t say to not use but elders need your words rather than your PHOTO COMMENTS.


Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S. P. College Road

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