Jun 6, 2021 · Poetry
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**Fidelity must pursue reverence**

There is a need of Fidelity,
In every field of life,
Life is like a music,
Someone play with it,
With grit,peace and enthusiasm,
Fidelity ratify all this,
Which make life great,
To conquer the citadel of anger,
There is a need of acumen,
In this course,
Murky behaviour of someone,
Make it dangerous,
Here,loss of reverence,
It establish a difference,
Between fidelity and reverence,
After quitting fidelity,
You can never choose the way of reverence,
Become sentinel of reverence,
With truth, self-respect and knowledge with proper ideas.

©Abhishek Parashar 💐💐💐💐💐

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