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People to whom we are concerned when don’t reciprocate , we feel bad and the emotional set back is felt greatly. What is the importance of such concern ? when it’s incidence is one sided and discarded from other side without any response to the effect ?

The understanding of relationship is so complex that degree of intensity of emotion from both sides may not be same and may differ to a greater extent.
The prevailing situation and passage of time weaken the bondages.
The building of new relationships , priorities and preferences are also responsible for affecting the reciprocation.
Lifestyle changes and peer followings also bring a change in attitude of person towards others.
Social system of categorisation of groups based on wealth and income , tend to force an individual to isolate his relationship ; is also a factor of change in his behavioural pattern and thinking.
Day to day challenges which an individual has to face for his subsistence and survival in the competitive conditions ; with no time to reciprocation of concerns towards his well wishers; is also a major factor for such an indifference.
Therefore understanding other person’s plight is necessary before forming an opinion about him for his non reciprocation with the similar intensity and priority.

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