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Knowledge is a vast ocean and quest for knowledge never ends .
Knowledge is gathered from various sources,and best of all is observation .
Being a keen observer develops your insight , reasoning power and analytical ability of pros and cons.
A keen observer not only learns from mistakes commited by him but also faults commited by others.
Secondly, analytical thought process of deep into the subject enlightens you with underlying facts hitherto unknown to you ,
and solves the puzzles and past presumptions.
Thirdly, interaction with people with vast knowledge source and effective communication with them to derive the facts within ; utilising their prowess and experience.
Fourthly ,other sources of print and communication media , internet search engines ; and utilising them as right source of available authentic information in enhancement of knowledge is desirable.
Here it worth mentioning that information available at these sources have to be examined on your platform of reasoning for their authenticity.
Because views and experiences expressed may reasonably deviate from truth within.

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