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Life -2

If it comes with time, it also changes with time. In a single moment in height, sometimes in a moment, it throws it down by pushing it.
This exam is not easy, it has to be made easy, sometimes some things have to be ignored.
Leaving a few things going on and on going forward is like a victory in this.

There are many problems in life, but if someone is standing with you at that time, then walking becomes easy.
There are many things in this journey which we cannot say to parents or siblings, but there is a relationship where there is no such restriction, we can share any thing with our friends. becomes lighter. And the result is that one or the other solution is found.

This way of friendship is wonderful, many thoughts arise in my mind which prick me like thorns, I often leave it to some special friends to remove them. The journey of life through time always reminds us of something or the other. Young people are reminded of their childhood, the same old words remind the elders.

There is no worry about anything in childhood, but with time, the sense of responsibilities starts. Human beings go on getting surrounded by all kinds of worries, if someone is able to bear this burden, then someone avoids it by laughing.

We should learn the art of living from rivers.. They walk on the most difficult path, sometimes they come out of the scary forests and sometimes they fall fearlessly from the big mountains, what is the fun of any rock that comes in its way, She comes out even after cutting that rock, the river makes its own path even in every situation.
We should take inspiration from the river to move forward in the same way in the journey of life.
In the journey of life, if you get tired, take rest for a while, but remember that after this you have to keep going again, do not stop / can stop sometimes.. but again must muster courage and keep moving forward /

If you can’t run then walk and if you can’t walk then crawl but never stop moving forward.
I agree that some mistakes happen in life, it is definitely difficult to emerge from them, but not impossible. Life definitely gives every person a chance again, so don’t lose heart my friend.
We have to learn to forgive ourselves for these mistakes, how will we clean our mind until we forgive ourselves?

In today’s life, people do not pay attention to the body, they know that health is the biggest wealth, even knowing that they are sitting unaware.
The journey of this life can also be facilitated by making some rules, like getting up early in the morning, going to the morning walk, contemplating, doing some exercise, it keeps us from stress and along with it also makes us energetic.
People think it is appropriate to run after money, they have to remember that this money cannot be taken with you at the end of the journey of life, if anything goes along, it is only karma. Therefore, instead of money, the capital of good deeds should be collected.

It has also been said that “Money is the dirt of hands”

We come to know the importance of something only after losing that thing, in the same way, by falling in the trap of this money, we leave our health far behind and in the end we realize this. By the time consciousness comes, we have lost a lot.

Today’s young generation also does not understand life properly, they ruin their future by getting intoxicated.
Some even go beyond this and all get lost in the addiction of gambling.

Some fathers also fall in this category, before drinking alcohol and drug addiction, they destroy their body and then later their wealth by gambling addiction and in the end their children have to bear the brunt of it.

There is a lot of slander due to such deeds, but the person involved in these things remains blind, he thinks only his own will is the best, he has nothing to do with the future of his children… by this habit his family is the most remains sad It doesn’t matter to drunker,he stays cool in himself.

Now his actions become more frightening, he starts doing domestic violence, beats him in the middle of the night and throws his wife and children out of the house.
Sells household items, everything from house ornaments to household utensils is sold and the limit is exceeded when he also sells his wife’s mangal sutra / This struggle is very difficult. A person comes and takes a loan and fulfills his habit of gambling, gets intoxicated and remains intoxicated, he finds his every move right.

The journey of life becomes difficult for the selfish person’s family, his wife and children suffer every moment….

His only question to that God is that O Lord, what sin have we committed that you have snatched away my every happiness… what deed we did, tell us, why gave you a intoxicated husband,… The children also ask why did you give us useless father……

Such a person is a blot on the society.. His children yearn for every happiness.. In so much pain, his wife and children live by suffocation every moment.. Sometimes the thought comes that why not.. end. Do it… the journey of this life… now I don’t have the courage to bear it God….. now you show the way my lord… the situation keeps getting worse with time… dare answer Start giving…

Now the matter started increasing… when he started demanding her dowry along with torture…. She poor thing didn’t say anything, just used to face it courageously….

That person came again today after getting drunk in the night, he started beating… his children are scared.. but today they got courage…. the boy grabbed his father’s neck Caught his father’s hand with his hand.. and raised his voice today….. the children had grown up and yes…..
Now perhaps those children had taken such courage for the first time… Those children were not wrong, it was a created situation…. Courageous children had taken an important step in the journey of life today.
Those children were toppers of their school, people in their school knew them as toppers but no one knew their struggle…..only those children could feel that pain….maybe that’s why they read,wanted to become something big and wanted to achieve their dreams.

In this way, life had taught that family to live by taking tests every day, and also gave them courage.
That’s why we should never be depressed,Do not know? When we get the result of our hard work / but it is truth that one day we’ll definitely get our results.Life is like a rough road …. whatever this road may be … it definitely takes us to our destination.

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