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Today there was a different fear in that house because the distinction was open about the debt.. the family was worried…. knowing about this debt…. how not to be upset…. The debt was in lakhs. … that family was sleepy but that person was not bothered by the nerves… he was in his own tune…. would tell lies to the children… that if someone comes, tell them Not at home…

Children were mentally disturbed, they looked at others that why they are not happy in our life.

In the end, the matter came to such a point that it was time to sell the house to pay off the debt…. Maybe that family was about to come on the road…

This was the life journey of a family, don’t know how many families ate this wine………

Some circumstances are not in our control, they should be handed over to God…… and should be relaxed.

Time goes on getting tough too, they say, God takes the test… Understanding this, you should curse yourself.

This is the journey of life and not a train or a bus that has to be stopped when it comes… it never stops, keeps on moving with the times, does not wait for anyone. progresses at a normal pace, so the happiness that comes in that time should be lived wholeheartedly, do you know what will happen in the next step?

It cannot be stopped by anyone, we have to go with its speed or else we will be left far behind.

Time kills are also very bad / No one knows when he took it in his possession… Its stick doesn’t make a sound, this kill leaves a person alive as a corpse. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Let’s share every little happiness you get at any moment… and be happy…

Be happy in whatever we have.. what others have.. whether you have them or not. There is soil for… There are many people in life who don’t have as much as you have…

Somebody doesn’t have a healthy body, he’s worried… Somebody doesn’t have money, he’s upset.. Somebody doesn’t have knowledge, he’s worried. Somebody is worried about a car or a bungalow.

Every person is troubled by something or the other. Every person has his own problem. Accept it and move on.. and get ready for success…

Today’s young generation is suffering from a new disease, that is love disease.. They fall into this trap of delusion or come under the control of beautiful face, they sacrifice everything in that. Its addiction is natural in this age.. but we can avoid it by self-control…. because your other diseases will be treated by the doctor but you will not get the medicine for this disease…. and yes if you have to love. Hanna do it with a true heart.. love is the essence of life but it should be spiritual.

I have got such a beautiful life, live it with the same beauty… Live freely… Happiness and sorrow keep coming and going… Control your senses to conquer it.

If thoughts are conquered, then success is definitely achieved in the journey of life.

There is no such work which is impossible.. With hard work even iron can be cut.. Water can also be extracted from stone..

Got this life with great difficulty friends.. don’t lose it because of any minor things…

We should read the biography of great men and take inspiration from them.. how they struggled? How did you win? These things can help a lot in making our life successful.

In the end everyone has to cross this life’s journey, and this body merges with nature.

This is the harsh truth of life… The one who has come is sure to go.. No one can change this truth.

If you ever feel proud, then you will definitely come to graveyard.I hope your pride will be destroyed automatically.

Good people better than you. Have been found in the soil……..

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