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A ton of happiness
But no time to smile
No peace of mind
Busy day and night in file

Have a wish to fly
But will power is died
If got great success
Not satisfied

Heart feels sorrow
But tears are dried
Want to fly
But never Tried

Only money meant
Emotions are absent
In our life
Work is Urgent

Eyes have dreams
But Colours fade
Because of selfishness
Relations are dead

nobody has time
It is a crime
We have a life
Living but not alive

Dr Archana Gupta

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डॉ अर्चना गुप्ता (Founder,Sahityapedia) "मेरी तो है लेखनी, मेरे दिल का साज इसकी मेरे बाद भी, गूँजेगी आवाज" माता- श्रीमती निर्मला अग्रवाल पिता- स्मृति शेष डॉ राजकुमार अग्रवाल शिक्षा-एम०एस०सी०(भौतिक शास्त्र),…
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