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Me; My Mother’s “The Step-Son”!

Me; My Mother’s “The Step-Son”!

Writing of paternity topic, took me back to memories of my Mother. Very beautiful, very kind hearted, an epoxy being of togetherness’ of HUGE joint family, keeping her house & kitchen open to all. I am blessed to be born of her. She was my friend and above all my Goddess. I worship her.


Me; My Mother’s “The Step-Son”!

She was married at a very tender age of 17+ and by 18+ was
mother to me.

On my reaching to about age of 16-17, suddenly my height shot up. And as a young man growing, I use to walk Taller than I AM.

My father’s Friends and their ladies started looking at me & my mother together at 18yrs as I started going to club to play tennis, swim and was allowed to drive.

Though all of them had seen me at our house on parties, but there our meet was just hello to guest and out, we kids were not allowed.

Ah! ladies gossips started when ladies asked mother, is he your younger brother!

Mother said,”OMG, NO, he is my son.

AND murmur Gossip started in full swing. Ladies started asking round about questions to me, How is your mother, Does she loves you, Does she treats you well and millions soft questions. At first I was wondering what the hell is going on!

Suddenly I started playing with them as I somehow guessed what is in their Devils mind.
So one day when mother was in swimming pool, I was in Tennis court, after finishing the game, I sat down and started murmuring, the Lady Aunty sitting beside asked with very concerned tone, Beta are you alright? What has
happened? I said Aunty please does not tell anyone, but I am very sad.

All aunties: OMG, come, come to me child, don’t worry we all are with you. You know we already know ! 😉

Me: Know, oh what, what you all know?

Aunties: Ah! she is your Step Mother.

I said I just can’t believe it. She is such a lovely Lady ….. Just then mother
dropped in & she said OK enough; it’s time for you to Go. I stood gave her a
good tight hug and whispered her come soon I have good story for you.

Mother : OK. OK. Get going, drive safe.

At night during dinner I told her the episode and she got up with knife and came towards me shouting ” I WILL KILL YOU”.

Wow, that’s My MAA.

But Next day at club it was Grand Calm Confrontation at Tennis Court, with
father present, she announced, making me stand beside her, “Attention please, tomorrow is a Grand Party, in honor of my Impostor Step-Son at our home, of his becoming Reliable to handle his life. Thank you. She sat down calmly, and my father who was very reserved sort of man was smiling.

For split second there was total Silence, then everything busted; all ladies came running with their Tennis racket raised towards me and poor me I ran and jumped in pool.

HO MAA ….. I miss YOU.

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