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Mecanism of Maithili Literature

Maithili language always pramote social discrimination through standred, academy award & caste based writing evaluation & behavior . Because many reasons and hijacked system of literature by some cheater type author, orgsniser and caste based political society of mithila.
Maithili language for all people of mithila oh no? You really shocked? It’s reality and macanism of maithili literature that maithili language only for two caste Brahman and kayasth speaking style is (pure maithili) , and rest all caste of mithila speaking style is untachable low standerd maithili.
Brahaman and kayasth are call them self maithil and called another cast as (amaithil) since Darbhanga maharaj Kingdom time to at present. They always promote her self only in all socio and literary functions of mithila. According to maithili language standard (maanak) is compulsory for all if you want to write or express your self in maithili.
your self mother toung style (solhkan/Raad) maithili will be never written or publish in any maithili language magazine or functions. That’s type discriminated caste based writing rule create by some darbari type poet and diplomatic cheater type advisor of maithili language since anicient to at prasent.
some backward and dalit writer of maithili as well as common people, mithila society never boycott or refused this caste based discrimination of maithili languages. They all have always adopted or promoted discriminative macanism of maithili literature and maithili award etc. Finally only two castes are best performer, awardee, Jyuri member, organiser and authorisation authority of mithila maithili. Rest all cast of mithila are valueless and low standerd in mithila maithili
(ecept. Bhoomihar & Rajpoot)

Dr. Kishan Karigar

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