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Positive Thinking

When our thoughts and concerns about welfare of others are not conceived by them, it is better to leave them as such unless they realise the fact of our importance for them.

In day to day life we come across various such situations in which our role of an advisor / mentor / helper has not been taken in right spirit and perceived in true sense by others , due to their mental blocks and preoccupations , and various factors which give rise to negativity in their mind with little or no room for positive thinking.

The surrounding negative environment prevailing at that point of time is also responsible for such negativity.
Past negative experiences of an individual which create a negative set up of preoccupations in mind are also responsible for such thinking.
Therefore a positive approach is needed constituting a positive environment of acceptance , analysing factors responsible for creating negativity in minds of people . A sincere efforts should be made to eradicate/ minimise such incidence in their minds , and appropriate step to be taken to inculcate positive thinking in them.

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