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Principles V/S Practices

Principles are derived on foreground of logic and ethics ,whereas practices are deviation of principles in practical application of mind in common interests .

Adherence to the principles constitutes law which is needed to be abided by the people in bringing harmony in action and decisions in a disciplined way which is based on logically acceptable norms .

In a democratic setup adherence to law is essential for governance, inculcating a sense of responsibility in every citizen in their action and expressions in the common welfare of people.

The law brings positive change in the public thinking of identifying and classifying gravity of their actions and expressions on the logical platform of constitution.

The law of governance controls and brings harmony in people for smooth functioning of state, and provides the government to implement its ideas and schemes for the welfare of the people, besides inculcating sense of duties in public minds as citizens of a country.

Principles are basic ingredients of formation of law , but structuring the law with strict adherence to principles gives it rigidity and non acceptability to the people at large , and gives rise to resentment and revolt against it.
Therefore practical application of mind is required in differential approach on case to case basis based on existing environment and situations for the best interest of large amount of population instead of rigid Thumb Rule approach.

Fair deviation of principles on positive side in right approach with selected welfare motive is desirable and gives strength to the system of governance in rightful manner of acceptance by the people of state , instead of making the imposed law unacceptable by large section of population and resulting it’s redundancy ultimately.

Flexibility of principles in right direction of amendment in time bound structure of practical application to provide justice to the people based on fair free approach policy without discrimination on ground reality is needed.
Rigidity of law and it’s redundancy with passage of time requires it’s review from time to time making it suitable for acceptance and implementation in the fruitful manner.

Therefore Principle and Practice go hand by hand in implementation and acceptance.

Here it is worth mentioning that any deviation of principles /law with a view to provide benefit to an individual or group of people or section of society, setting aside the basic norms/grounds should never be allowed and should be curbed with Iron hands of governance.

On the individual front strict adherence to principal without practical application of mind give rise to rigidity of thoughts and create mental blocks of unacceptabilty of views of others to greater extent and hinder mental faculties of analysis and decision making .

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