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Sacrfice is an act of giving up rights and previleges of one’s self for the sake of others.
It is an internal urge beyond the mental analysis of pros and cons which motivates any individual to perform beyond the extremities of self satisfaction , deriving sense of elation by such deeds for the benefit of others.
Sacrifice is the basic instinct of any living being which is seen in varied forms in diffrential degrees of this attribute in different entities.
The sacrifice of parents for their children , and sacrifice of any individual for the loved ones, sacrifice of teacher for his students and sacrifice of people for their country are the common examples.
The sacrifice which any individual makes for the sake of others has to be commended and rewarded .
But this aspect is often ignored by the people evaluating one’s sacrifice considering it a moral duty/ obligation/responsibility of any individual towards others, without any consideration of the extent of rights and privileges which are forgone for the sake of others.
The people at helm of evaluation fail to understand that human existence itself is based on sacrifice which one makes for others.
Any individual performing sacrifice never expect any return or reward , but expression of gratitude in form of appreciation/ reward is necessary in the right spirit of humanity.

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