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Dr .lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Our friendship canvas is so large at this age which is containing a large circle of friends. We are not at all connected physically with maximum friends. So we are called “ DIGITAL FRIENDS “. We don’t need the basic foundation of friendship like cooperation, get together, maintaining secrecy, etc. But there is an important quality which is required in either friendship. That is called MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING. It is needed in all friendships whether it is PHYSICAL FRIENDSHIP or DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP. We make our friends when we have the same understanding. Sending the request for friendship became common nowadays. We thoroughly observe the profile of senders. Sometimes we don’t get sufficient information about individuals we delete them. We too send our friend’s request by verifying their gesture. The definition of friendship is changed but we are much particular about their mutual understanding. We say that different people have got different views. No doubt it is right but we can’t digest the dissimilar friends. Facebook is the right platform where we exhibit individual creativity. The writing on Facebook creates an impact on the friends. Putting comments in pleasant order gives a positive impression. Really writings connect us for a long. But some of us are interested to dance to their rhythm. They never reply to anyone. Actually, they don’t know that the DIGITAL FRIENDS are completely based on writings only. We should recognize the seniors, contemporary friends, and younger. It is rightly said “ staying away from people, our image will fade away “.
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Sound Health Clinic
S. P. College Road

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